How to choose the most comfortable pair of shoes?

In daily life, clothes and shoes are a must-have for everyone, especially shoes. The degree of comfort is related to the overall comfort of the person. What kind of shoes are most comfortable to wear. Different people have different answers to this question. Most people will Answering flat shoes is most comfortable, such as casual shoes and sports shoes, but this answer is general. I personally think that what shoes are comfortable is related to your habits. If you have always been wearing flat shoes, then naturally you cannot wear high heels, but if I'm used to wearing high heels, so I will feel backward when I return to flats after so long.

In addition, what kind of shoes are comfortable is first related to the material of the shoes. As far as casual shoes and leather shoes are concerned, the material is the best in leather, frosted and suede, and PU. If it is chemical plastic, it is the worst to wear. The leather has the best breathability and can protect the feet well. Because the working relationship has always been high heels, I usually wear flat shoes rarely, and occasionally I feel uncomfortable. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, what shoes are comfortable to wear is very important. As you get older, your overall body function declines. When walking, the entire weight of the body will be pressed on the feet. If the shoes are uncomfortable, it will naturally cause walking pressure and even fall. What shoes are comfortable to wear depends on the habits of the elderly. Generally speaking, the elderly are accustomed to having a slightly thicker and softer bottom and a strong upper covering, which is conducive to walking steadily.

How to choose the most comfortable pair of shoes:

The first trick: It is best to choose shoes from about 3 to 6 in the afternoon, because the feet will swell slightly at this time. If the selected size does not feel small at this time, it is no problem to wear it at other times of the day. Try it on while standing, as your feet will be slightly larger when standing than when sitting. When trying on it, don't just wear it and look in the mirror to buy it. Be sure to take a few steps back and forth to carefully feel the stability and size of the shoes.

The second trick: bring your own clean socks when testing shoes, which is convenient for putting on and taking off shoes, and avoid the embarrassment of sweat stains in the tried shoes.

The third trick: about two-thirds of the two feet are not the same size, remember which one is short and the other, both feet should try on when trying on shoes. Choose shoes with the slightly larger foot. You can't simply choose shoes or trustees to buy them based on the shoe size. You must try them on yourself, because the size of the shoes will vary depending on the standard of the hoe, style, or brand model.

The fourth trick: The feet will expand and contract depending on the season, so when buying summer discount shoes in winter, try on a suitable size that may be slightly smaller than that in summer.

Fifth trick: The ideal size is at least: ten toes can move freely in the shoes, with comfortable padding and a moderate internal space; the arc between the sole surface and the depression of the foot is very close to the foot, and the ankle bone and the toe do not touch To the shoes; there must be some room for movement on the forefoot. If you use a toe to support the toe, you can reach a distance between the heel and the back of the shoe, this size is just right; the upper surface of the sole of the heel should be well attached Hold your heels and you ca n’t slide around while walking; check from the top to the bottom to see if the arch of the foot matches the central arc of the shoe, and make sure the tightness of the foot circumference is appropriate.