How to choose a pair of breathable shoes?

Now people ’s quality of life has improved, whether it ’s eating or dressing or staying on the road, it ’s getting more and more particular about. For example, when you wear a pair of airtight shoes, it is not only uncomfortable but also easy to smell your feet.

In fact, if the shoes are breathable, you can't see them with your eyes. You need to wear them for two days to feel them. Of course, there is also a simple and rude method to judge. Generally, high-priced shoes are of good quality, so the breathability of the shoes is also relatively guaranteed. After all, you pay one point for one price. The breathability of shoes is related to the structure and material of the shoes, so when choosing shoes, in order to prevent the selection of airtight shoes, it is recommended to choose shoes of good material and comfortable to wear.

There are many tips for airtight shoes. For example, when choosing an airtight shoe, you can choose to wear a cotton sock with strong sweat absorption, plus remember to change socks every day, and dry your shoes, so that the taste of your feet will not be special. Big. In addition, you can also prepare a pair of insoles that are more sweat-absorbent, especially those who are prone to sweating. You can also try it. Of course, although these tips can solve the problems caused by airtightness of shoes to a certain extent, but the efficiency is minimal, so it is best to choose a more breathable shoes when you choose shoes at the beginning, which can also avoid A lot of trouble in the future.