In what ways do you judge the quality of your shoes?

1. Upper (help)

For smooth leather shoes, it is best to verify the loose condition of the upper by pressing. A good upper should be plump and soft, feel comfortable, have a uniform gloss and no loose surface.

2. Insole

The full pad covering the insole is most suitable for women's shoes. The purpose of the insole is to keep the insole clean and cover the unevenness of the insole to improve the feel of the foot. In doing work, the insole should adhere flatly to the insole, and there should be no wrinkling in the air.

3. In the shoe

The best material in the shoe is genuine leather, usually pig leather. Although we buy leather shoes, if the shoes or insoles are artificial leather, people will feel uncomfortable when wearing them.

4. Heel

The heel of high heels first depends on whether it fits naturally with the leather shoes. For women's shoes above half-heel, the heel should be firmly installed on the insole, and it should be stable and stable when moving back and forth, left and right. The palm should be no less than the bottom of the heel.

5. Stability

Put the high-heeled shoes on a flat surface, and the high-heeled shoes will immediately enter a stationary state. This is one of the most basic conditions for choosing high-heeled shoes.

6. Side inspection

Put the shoes on a flat surface. The contact point between the outsole (forefoot) and the flat surface of the high-heeled shoes should be in the middle. The toe should have a proper head. the best.

7. Frontal inspection

Align your eyes to the same height as the outsole and see if there is any difference in the size of the outsole inside and out. It should be basically consistent and balanced.

8. Check from the back

Heels and back stitches should be straight. Whether the height of the back and the ankle are appropriate. Shoes with a high back or stiffer mouth must be lower than the lateral ankle. Otherwise, the ankle bone may be hurt and the foot may not be worn.

9. Comparison of two shoes

After confirming all the above aspects, you must carefully compare the length, height, and shape of the two shoes, whether they are the same or symmetrical, and confirm the consistency of light and color.

10. Height

Higher heels are not better. On the contrary, higher heels are more harmful to the body. If you cannot give up wearing high heels, choose low-heeled shoes or high-heeled heel shoes. If you really need super high heels, pay more attention to the rest of your feet, reduce the time you wear them, and do more foot massage.