Why is it better to choose running shoes as light as possible?

Running shoes are one of the most important tools for running. Therefore, a good pair of shoes is very important for runners. It not only protects your feet, but also reduces the impact of your body on the knees and ankles when running. Of course, it can also improve your running efficiency and allow you to achieve more. Good results, you see that many of the players participating in the Olympic Games are custom running shoes.

So how should you choose running shoes as a non-athletic running enthusiast?

Running shoes can be divided into: runners, intermediate runners, senior runners, and professional runners.

Beginner runner

Beginner runners: For beginner runners, the most important thing is to have a good shock absorption and stability shoes, because the foot muscles are not strong enough at the beginning of running, shoes with better shock absorption will protect the knee and ankle joints and stabilize Better sex can reduce the chance of stomping. Of course, such shoes will be slightly heavier, and the heel area will feel better.

As a junior runner, the running distance and time are generally not too long, so you can buy ordinary jogging shoes and put shock absorption performance and comfort first. Otherwise, inappropriate running shoes may cause pain and you ca n’t keep running. Buy You must try your shoes when you are comfortable.

Intermediate runner

Intermediate runners: They are different from junior runners. They have developed good running habits, and they have run out of fun. They seem to be addicted. They also have a keen interest in various running competitions and always want to try. .

Compared to junior runners, they still need shoes with good stability and cushioning. Of course, the difference is to buy lighter weights, because for distance and time, every 1 gram of shoes may affect the weight. Final running results.

Senior runner

Senior runners: Various marathon races are already commonplace, and their physical fitness and running performance are closer to professional players. At this time, the shoes they need are a pair of running shoes that help improve running speed. The lighter the better.

As runners who often participate in competitions, their shoes wear much more than beginners and intermediates, so their shoes have a shorter life. In this case, you can buy a few more pairs of shoes, and replace them with new ones if you find them worn. In this way, you can have a pair of "familiar" and stable shoes, while avoiding the unsuitability of changing shoes.

Professional runners

Professional runners: As professional athletes, muscle strength is already quite good. There is not much problem in running posture or other aspects, so for them, the thing about shoes is to reduce weight to the extreme.

How to choose running shoes:

1. leave enough space for 5 mm

When running, the soles of the feet become swollen due to the accelerated blood circulation, so when you try the shoes, leave 5mm space between the front of the feet and the shoes to prevent running discomfort caused by squeezing your feet. Another small trick is to buy shoes in the afternoon or evening as much as possible. At this time, the soles of the feet are slightly larger than in the morning, and it is easier to buy suitable shoes.

2. Will the little toe touch the inside of the shoe

At present, when designing shoes, there are thin versions and fat versions. Pay attention to this. In addition to leaving 5mm of space in front, check whether the lower toes touch the inside of the shoes and whether the uppers are toes. Head up, if there is a description that the size of the shoes does not fit your feet, you need to change to a larger or fatter shoes.

3. Whether the heel is close to the upper

The heel of a suitable pair of shoes is always wrapped comfortably, so that it is more stable when running, not easy to stomp, and can make running more stable. When testing shoes, you can look at the distance between the heel and the upper by lifting your feet. If the stickers are tight, it is possible. If they are too loose, the size of the shoes is relatively large.

4. It is best to wear special socks when trying on

When trying on running shoes, try to put on socks for running, so that you can better feel whether the shoes are suitable for you.

5. Don't be obsessed with branding and style

All the shoes on the market are produced in batches and are not personally customized, so it cannot be said that a very professional running shoe will definitely suit you. In fact, the most important thing is whether the fit is the most important standard. Most of the time, buying a pair of big-name and expensive shoes is often a matter of vanity. I feel that the foreign moon is round, but if it doesn't fit, it is completely meaningless.