What kind of shoes do we wear to make our feet look smaller?

The shoes are large in size, the feet are too wide, and they do not look good. Girls always want to be more stylish. Since we can't change the facts, we start with shoes to make our feet look smaller! What kind of shoes can make your feet smaller? Let's find out.

1. Deep mouth shoes

Although shallow mouth shoes are very popular, especially those with slightly open toes, MMs like the little sexy it brings. But don't try MM with long or wide feet, it will look wider and longer. Conversely, deep mouth shoes just make up for this problem, it covers most of the position of the feet, making the feet look more elegant!

2. Deeper edging single shoes

Hemming refers to the two sides of a single shoe. Shoes with hemming can make your feet look thinner, but you also need to pay attention to choosing deeper hemming shoes when picking, that is, the side is higher. A lighter edging would be counterproductive, and it would also look wider.

3. Crab-clad sandals

If you must choose sandals, MMs with long or wide feet also need to choose crab claw sandals, such as Roman shoes, that is, shoes that are decorated with a hemming effect on both sides to make the feet look contracted. Effect, so that the feet are small. T-shirts are definitely not something that can be easily challenged, because there are no sides on the sides of T-shirts, which will make your feet particularly wide.