Is it better for your baby's shoes to be more expensive?

Our young people now think that the more expensive things are, the better they are when buying things for children, and they also like to recognize brands. Young people think that expensive things must be good, so when they buy, they don't care if they are not suitable for children. As long as the price is high enough, they must be good. In fact, I personally think that when buying things for children, only the most suitable ones are not the most expensive ones. Let me talk about baby shoes. Baomao knows that what is expensive is good, and it is suitable for the baby. It is very important for the baby to wear shoes that are suitable for walking. So I suggest that parents do not have the idea that the more expensive the better, the following factors can be considered when buying shoes.

1. Don't just care about the appearance of your shoes

Many mothers, when buying shoes, think that children named shoes will like it, and think that children are more interested in this kind of shoes, so they will increase their interest in walking. In fact, the surface of this kind of shoes is to make children want to walk. In fact, it will affect the walking posture of the child, because the child will be attracted by the call of the shoes, and the attention will not be focused, so calling the shoes will affect the walking posture of the child.

2. Size of shoes should pay attention

Old people in the family have heard the old people say that buying shoes is big but not small, but this idea is actually wrong. Children's shoes are too large, which leads to incorrect walking postures of children, which makes children have a bad walking habit.

3. Quality of shoes

When children buy shoes, they only need to consider the material and quality of the shoes. The shoes chosen in different seasons are different. In summer, we should buy children with better breathable shoes. In winter, we should buy them for comparison. Keep some shoes warm, and you should not buy too many shoes at the same time. Children's shoes that are too heavy will make children walk up the road and become clumsy, and they may even respond slowly.

How to tell if your child is not fit?

a. Child has cocoons on his feet

When we examine the child's feet, we must pay special attention to the toes and the back of the feet. If there is redness or swelling or red bubbles are worn, it can indicate that the child's shoes are not fit.

b. Children's walking posture

Children walk in and out, often wrestling. At the same time, there is wear and tear on the inside and outside of the shoes, which means that the shoes are not fit and you need to stop wearing them early.